Bastidas Ortega, Lenin Enrique


Doctoral school

Doctoral School of Earth Sciences (2017 - )


Geography MSc, Risk and resource analyser specialization
Eszterházy Karoly, University of Applied Sciences, Eger

Language Skills

Spanish, English, Portugese



Contact Location: 1.210
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bastidas, L. 2017. Investigation Land cover and land use in one study area in South America (Huancavelica) with GIS methodology.  CONDESAN/COSUDE: Quito – Ecuador.

Peralvo, M. y Bastidas, L. 2014. Monitoring of change land use and land cove sites scale. Protocol 3 – Versión 1. 2014. CONDESAN/COSUDE: Quito – Ecuador.

Bastidas, L. 2009. Study for adding urban land until 2020, to settlements of San Antonio and Pomasqui, using geo-spatial technics. ESPE: Sangolquí  - Ecuador.

Research Projects

  • ICAA, CONDESAN Landscape Analysis in Cusco and Napo – LAICA. 2014.

  • Generation of knowledge and strengthening of capacities as answer of adaptation of environment adaptation in the Andes CIMA – Land cover and land use around the area of volcanic complex Pichincha - Ecuador. Spanish: Generación de conocimiento y fortalecimiento de capacidades como respuesta de adaptación a los cambios ambientales en los Andes CIMA – Cobertura y uso de la tierra en el área que circunda al complejo volcánico Pichincha - Ecuador. 2013.

  • Forest governance and territorial planning in Napo-Ecuador. Spanish: Gobernanza forestal y planificación territorial en Napo. CONDESAN/MAE. 2013.

  • Analysis of change dynamics of land covers in the Andean Community. Spanish: Análisis de las dinámicas de cambio de cobertura de la tierra en la Comunidad Andina – LUCC 2012.

  • Project INOCAR-SENESCYT for the “Characterization hydro-oceanographic and environmental of shoreline”. Spanish: Proyecto INOCAR-SENESCYT para la “Caracterización hidro-oceanográfica y ambiental del margen costero. SENESCYT-INOCAR. 2012.