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Telbisz, Tamás



Professor Associate


Mathematics-Geography teacher (1997, ELTE)

Scientific Degree

PhD (2004);

Habilitation (2014)

Language Skills

English, French


Karst research, Volcano Morphology, Digital Terrain Analysis, Human-Environment Relations

Contact Location: Southern Block 1.211
Phone: +36 1 3722500/1803
E-mail: telbisztom[at]caesar.elte.hu


  • Introduction to Mathematics and Analysis (theory)

  • Astronomical Geography (theory)

  • Computer-aided Presentation Techniques

  • Geography of Internal Forces

  • Geography of External Forces

  • Digital Terrain Models

  • Statistical methods in Physical Geography

  • Hydrologic Modelling

  • Modelling of Karst Processes

  • Field Practice

  • Digital Terrain Analysis of Karst Terrains (PhD course)

Scientific Public Life

  • Hungarian Geographical Society, member (1997-);

  • Hungarian Karst and Speleological Society, member (2005-);

  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Committee on Geography II, Geoinformatics (2012-); Geomorphology (2012-)

Prizes, Awards, National Scholarships

  • 1997: Excellent Student (ELTE TTK);

  • 2000: Publication Award (Természet Világa) 1st prize;

  • 1998, 2003: Publication Award (Természet Világa) 3rd prize;

  • 2004: Publication Award for Young Scientists (Hungarian Geographical Society);

  • 2006: Supplementary Postdoctoral Scolarship (Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture)

  • 2012: Bolyai Grant (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)


Selected Research Grants

  • Investigation of fulvic acid transport by karstic infiltration using data from the Aggtelek Karst monitoring system (2001-2005, OTKA, research member);

  • Volcanological research in the North Hungarian andesitic volcanic mountains (2003-2006, OTKA, research member);

  • Comparative volcano sedimentological and paleogeographical study of Hungarian Miocene volcanism (FKFP, research member);

  • Study of recently recognized karst corrosion factors on Japanese and Hungarian karst terrains from an environmental point of view (2001-2002, TéT, research member)

  • Complex (physical- and human geographical) comparative analysis of karst and non karst landscapes from the viewpoint of modern environmental possibilism (2012-2015, OTKA, research member)

  • Eruptive rates and erosional dynamics of the Inner Carpathian volcanism as constrained by volumetry, radiometric chronology and paleomagnetism (2015-2019, OTKA, research member)

  • Analysis of Human-Environment Relationships on Karst Terrains Using GIS Methods (2012-2015, MTA Bolyai)

  • The changing role of karst national parks in human-environment relations: a regional comparison (2017-2021, NKFI, principal investigator)