Novothny, Ágnes



assisstant professor


Geographer, Hydrologist (1999)

Scientific Degree


Language Skills

English, German (basic)


Quaternary Research, Luminescence dating, Granulometry measurements

Contact Location: Southern Block 1.211
Phone: +36 1 3722500/1803
E-mail: novothnyagi[at]


  • Mathematics in Geography
  • Astronomical Geography
  • Geography of Internal Forces
  • Geography of External Forces
  • Hydro-geography
  • Quaternary Geochronology
  • Field Practice

Scientific Public Life

  • under construction

Prizes, Awards, National Scholarships

  • 1998: Soros Scholarship to the Cheltenham & Glouchester College of Higher Education, Center for Environmental Change & Quaternary Research
  • 2005-2008: Leibniz-DAAD PhD Fellowship to the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences, Hannover, Germany
  • 2009: Marie Curie Fellowship to the Silesian University of Technology, Institute of Physics, Department of Radioisotopes, Gliwice, Poland
  • 2009-2011: Magyary Zoltán Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Physical Geography
  • 2011: DAAD Postdoctoral Scholarship to the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences, Hannover, Germany
  • 2011-2015: OTKA Postdoctoral Scholarship at the Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Physical Geography
  • 2015: DAAD Postdoctoral Scholarship to the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences, Hannover, Germany
  • 2017-: Bolyai Postdoctoral Scholarship
  • 2017: ÚNKP Postdoctoral Scholarship

Selected Publications

  1. Novothny, Á., Gábris, Gy., Tsukamoto, S., Thamó-Bozsó, E., Techmer, A., Frechen, M. (2017). Late Pleistocene restructuring of the river network on the Great Hungarian Plain: Evidence from the Tiszasas section. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften - German Journal of Geology.
  2. Karátson, D., Wulf, S., Veres, D., Magyari, E., Gertisser, R., Timár, A.G., Novothny, Á., Telbisz, T., Szalai, Z., Anechitei, V., Király, E., Appelt, O., Bormann, M., Jánosi, Cs., Schäbitz, F. 2016. The latest explosive eruptions of Ciomadul (Csomád) volcano, East Carpathians - a tephrostratigraphic approach for the 52-29 ka BP time interval. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH 319, 29-51.
  3. Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger Zs, Braucher R, Novothny Á, Csillag G, Fodor L, Molnár G, Madarász B. 2016. Tectonic and climatic control on terrace formation: Coupling in situ produced 10Be depth profiles and luminescence approach, Danube River, Hungary, Central Europe. QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 131:(Part A), 127-147.
  4. Harangi Sz, Lukács R, Schmitt AK, Dunkl I, Molnár K, Kiss B, Seghedi I, Novothny Á, Molnár M. 2015. Constraints on the timing of Quaternary volcanism and duration of magma residence at Ciomadul volcano, east–central Europe, from combined U–Th/He and U–Th zircon geochronology. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH 301, 66-80.
  5. Bradák B, Kiss K, Barta G, Varga Gy, Szeberényi J, Józsa S, Novothny Á, Kovács J, Markó A, Mészáros E, Szalai Z. 2014. Different paleoenvironments of Late Pleistocene age identified in Verőce outcrop, Hungary: preliminary results. QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 319, 119-136.
  6. Rolf C, Hambach U, Novothny A, Horváth E, Schnepp E. 2014. Dating of a Last Glacial loess sequence by relative geomagnetic palaeointensity: A case study from the Middle Danube Basin (Süttő, Hungary). QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL 319, 99-108.
  7. Königer, P., Barta, G., Thiel, C., Bajnóczi, B., Novothny, Á., Horváth, E., Techmer, A., Frechen, M. 2014. Stable isotope composition of bulk and secondary carbonates from the Quaternary loess-paleosol sequence in Süttő, Hungary. Quaternary International 319.
  8. Újvári G, Molnár M, Novothny Á, Páll-Gergely B, Kovács J, Várhegyi A. 2014. AMS 14C and OSL/IRSL dating of the Dunaszekcső loess sequence (Hungary): chronology for 20 to 150 ka and implications for establishing reliable age–depth models for the last 40 ka. QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS 106:(SI), 140-154.
  9. Gabris G, Horvath E, Novothny A, Ruszkiczay-Rudiger Zs. 2012. Fluvial and aeolian landscape evolution in Hungary - results of the last 20 years research. NETHERLANDS JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES-GEOLOGIE EN MIJNBOUW 91:(1-2) pp. 111-128. (2012)
  10. Novothny, Á., Frechen, M., Horváth, E., Wacha, L., Rolf, C. 2011. High resolution grain size and magnetic susceptibility record of the penultimate and last glacial cycles at the Süttő loess section, in Hungary. Quaternary International 234, 75-85.
  11. Wacha, L., Pavlaković, S.M., Novothny, Á., Crnjaković, M., Frechen M. 2011. Luminescence dating of Upper Pleistocene loess from the Island of Susak in Croatia. Quaternary International 234, 50-61.
  12. Novothny, Á., Frechen, M., Horváth, E. 2010. Luminescence dating of sand movement periods from the Gödöllő Hills, Hungary. Geomorphology 122, 254-263.
  13. Novothny, Á., Frechen, M., Horváth, E., Krbetschek, M., Tsukamoto, S. 2010. Infrared stimulated luminescence and infrared-radiofluorescence dating of quaternary sediments in Hungary. Quaternary Geochronology 5, 114-119.
  14. Novothny, Á., Frechen, M., Horváth, E., Bradák, B., Oches, E.A., McCoy, W., Stevens, T. 2009. Luminescence and amino acid racemization chronology and magnetic susceptibility record of the loess-paleosol sequence at Süttő, Hungary. Quaternary International 198, 62-76.
  15. Novothny, Á., Horváth, E., Frechen, M. 2002. The Loess Profile at Albertirsa, Hungary. – Improvements in Loess stratigraphy by Luminescence Dating. Quaternary International 95-96, 155-163.
  16. Novothny, Á., Ujházy, K. 2000. A termo- és optikai lumineszcens kormeghatározás elméleti alapjai és gyakorlati kérdései a negyedidőszaki kutatásokban. Földrajzi Értesítő 49, 165-187. (The theoretical fundaments and practical questions of thermoluminescence and optical luminescence dating in Quaternary research, Geographical Bulletin 49, 165-187.)


Impact factor: ~34,251 (2011-2016: 25,05)

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Selected Research Grants

  • 2016-2020: OTKA K119366 „Genesis and postpedogenic alterations of paleosols in loesses and possibilities for paleoenvironmental reconstruction”
  • 2015-2019: OTKA K115472. “Eruptive rates and erosional dynamics of the Inner Carpathian volcanism as constrained by volumetry, radiometric chronology and paleomagnetism.”
  • 2011-2015: OTKA PD 100315. “Luminescence Dating of Middle- and Late Pleistocene loess sequences”
  • 2009-2011: Participation in the Baross Gábor program - 2009. Setting up a Luminescence Preparation and Measurement Laboratory at the Eötvös Loránd University. Supported by: REG_KM_INFRA_09
  • 2007-2011: OTKA K68219. “Late Miocene – Quaternary structure formation and surface development in and around the Gödöllő-Hilly Region.”