Ghahraman, Kaveh


Doctoral school

Doctoral School of Earth Sciences (2019)


Geographer (specification in geomorphology)

Language Skills



Geomorphology, Alluvial Fans, Geomorphic Natural Hazards, Remote Sensing in Geomorphology

Research on alluvial fans development in arid and semi-arid regions





Awards and honours



Bahrami, S., & Ghahraman, K. (2019). Geomorphological controls on soil fertility of semi-arid alluvial fans: A case study of the Joghatay Mountains, Northeast Iran. Catena176, 145-158.

Zandi, R., Ghahraman, K., & Asadi, Z. (2019). Monitoring the Land Subsidence and its Associated Landforms Using Remote Sensing Techniques in Feyzabad Plain (north-east Iran). Journal of Hydrosciences and Environment3(6), 43-51.

Bahrami, S., Biramali, F., Filekesh, E., Ghahraman, K. (2018). Evaluating the effect of geomorphology on the vegetation type and density of Foshtanq alluvial fans, Sabzevar. Geography and Development (Iranian Journal), 16(52), 193-210. (In Persian).

Bahrami, S., Zanganeh Asadi, M. A., Ghahraman, K., Sepehri, N. (2017). An assessment on the effect of river avulsion on the morphology of alluvial fans, Joghatay mountains, Sabzevar, Iran. 5th National Conference of Iranian Association of Geomorphology, Mashhad, Iran. (In Persian).

Bahrami, S., Ghahraman, K., Goli Mokhtari, L. (2017). A quantitative study of the effect of alluvial fan morphology on soil physio-chemical characteristics. 15th Iranian Soil Science Congress, Isfehan, Iran. (In Persian).

Ghahraman, K., Akbari, E. (2015). An investigation of land-use changes in the surrounding lands of Kale-Shur playa using the maximum likelihood algorithm. 1st National Congress on the Application of Modern Sciences in the Geographical Studies, Mashhad, Iran. (In Persian).

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